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We can manager your internet marketing campaign, optimize your site
so that you can increase your business.

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Unlike a billboard, direct mail or television ad which often requires thousands of upfront expenses and then thousands of dollars to send its advertising message to broad audience–without any guarantee that the audience is interested–PPC advertisers only pay when the audience IS interested. This makes PPC an efficient advertising technique. When the site is designed well and is search engine optimized your site should also enhance your site’s online reputation or rank as well, increasing your marketing reach.

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Benefits of PPC

  • Pay for success only

  • It is flexible

  • You reach your target audience

  • Control over your budget

Increase Your Market Share

Google AdWords

number of daily internet searches.

When Should PPC Be Used?

PPC is most effective when you have products or services that prospective buyers or clients search for over the web. This can range from an online store to legal or other services. When Visage Marketing handles your PPC campaign, we conduct thorough research to ensure that a potential online market exists for your product or service. We then carefully design the website’s content & landing pages to correlate with your advertising campaign to maximize the PPC budget that you set.


Facebook is becoming an increasing effective internet marketing method.


With proper planning, we can make your project a success too.


A well-designed site must begin with a good SEO foundation–otherwise it’s just an attractive brochure.

Google Places

Google Places has in many ways replaced natural search result prominence. With Google Places results appearing before most natural search results, it’s important cannot be understated.

Bing Places

A quality Bing Places listing is essential to ensure your business can be found online and increase your exposure to potential customers.


A website is never one-and-done. Careful & attentive maintenance is required to keep your site up and running smooth.

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Client Success

“With the expertise of Visage Marketing our site became the top website in its market, ranking in the top position for our primary keywords. With our online success, we’ve become the top bankruptcy law firm in our market.”

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