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Get a website that is both beautifully designed, but also functional. Our sites are specifically designed by our experts to be found online and then convert your visitors into clients.

In Attorney Marketing Services Experience Matters

Choosing the best lawyer marketing company as a partner matters. If you were charged for murder, would you hire a real estate transactional attorney to defend you at trial? Of course not! While they’re both attorneys, both attended law school, both passed the bar exam, and licensed to practice law they have vastly different experience and expertise. You would want to hire the best criminal defense attorney who has experience and has successfully defended other murder cases and has a good track record for success.

So when you are looking for your most important business partnership–your attorney internet marketing company needs to have a track record of building a successful law practice. We know first-hand what it takes to build a successful legal practice from ground up! Our  CEO and founder Russell B. Weekes is a licensed attorney who built a thriving bankruptcy practice in Utah. In only a few short years, his bankruptcy practice became the one of the largest practices in Utah and his site dominating online presence.

With a background in technology and web development he dominated online marketing controlling the #1 ranking for the most competitive keyword search results. Over the years he also tried several other marketing companies. He consistently found this his website and online marketing methods out-performed other marketing companies by 200-300% in client conversions; Not just higher traffic or more leads. These were clients who actually engaged. After all is that the purpose of online marketing?

Don’t settle for a lawyer marketing company who doesn’t understand what it takes to convert legal clients. Partner with an experienced attorney web marketing company who can help you develop your website, its content, online presence and online ads to ensure the greatest return of investment.

Lawyer Marketing Services

  • Site Design & Branding

  • Direct Mail

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Writing Copy

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Conversion Optimization

Can’t Afford the Capital Expense of a Site?

Our Lawyer Site Lease Option takes the risk out of building your practice online and eliminates the cost of entry. Instead of paying the capital expense of a website, hosting, and marketing expense, you pay only for the marketing & leads that are generated from the site.

We develop the site, optimize it, and manage a pay-per-click marketing campaign. You only pay the marketing costs and a small fee to us for the leads that you receive.

Content Optimization

Each website we design is developed with optimizing the content with terms being used by potential customers to search for your products or services. That helps ensure that your site ranks well with all search engines.


Each project begins by doing our homework. It makes all the difference.


A well-designed site must begin with a good SEO foundation–otherwise it’s just an attractive brochure.

Business Listings

When you engage us to optimize your website, we create business listings with Google, Bing and others to ensure a broad net of exposure to your site & products or services is cast. Each listing enhances your web presence.


Ongoing maintenance to your site is essential to stay relevant in the fast moving pace of the internet. Otherwise search engine algorithm changes will render your site irrelevant.


A website is never one-and-done. Careful & attentive maintenance is required to keep your site up and running smooth.

You can be our next success story…

Client Success

“With the expertise of Visage Marketing our site became the top website in its market, ranking in the top position for our primary keywords. With our online success, we’ve become the top bankruptcy law firm in our market.”

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