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Get a website that is both beautifully designed, but also functional. Our sites are specifically designed by our experts to be found online and then convert your visitors into clients.

Every day nearly six billion internet searches are made just on Google alone. Are you missing out on this incredible stream of commerce because you’re not online, your site is outdated, or your site is foundationally flawed because it isn’t optimized to enter this incredible revenue stream?

“We design our websites to be not only contemporary and attractive, but also to fit in an overall marketing strategy. A website must also help our clients generate calls, leads or referrals. In short a website must help our clients generate business otherwise we haven’t succeeded.”

Joshua K. Weekes

VP Design, Visage Marketing

There is a difference between having a visually pleasing website and a lead generation machine. Most businesses need more than having a website; they need more than having a visually pleasing website. They need a website that generates calls, leads or referrals. They need  a business generating machine. We have successfully helped our client create lead generating machines.

Website Services

  • Design & Branding

  • Shopping Cart

  • Writing Copy

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Keyword Optimization

  • Conversion Optimization


intransitive verb

Definition of Design

:  to conceive or execute a plan

:  to draw, lay out, or prepare a design



Each project begins by doing our homework. It makes all the difference.


With proper planning, we can make your project a success too.


A well-designed site must begin with a good SEO foundation–otherwise it’s just an attractive brochure.


Ongoing maintenance to your site is essential to stay relevant in the fast moving pace of the internet. Otherwise search engine algorithm changes will render your site irrelevant.


Your site should help you generate business–whether that’s with a shopping cart & checkout or by lead generation.


A website is never one-and-done. Careful & attentive maintenance is required to keep your site up and running smooth.

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“With the expertise of Visage Marketing our site became the top website in its market, ranking in the top position for our primary keywords. With our online success, we’ve become the top bankruptcy law firm in our market.”

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